Colombia Bolivar Filter Coffee 1000 Gram

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Colombia is the third largest coffee producer country in the World. The coffee was started to grow in Colombia in the mid-1830s commercially. It was started to grow in Colombia and was become main export product of the country throughout twentieth century.

Colombia has carried out its first coffee export to America in 1835. Nowadays, the country that consumes the most Colombian filter coffee is America. The main reason why Colombia is the third largest producer in the World today is the excessive demand from America. America is the is the country that consumes the most filter coffee in the World.

The mountainous geography and tropical climate of Colombia creates ideal growing conditions for coffee. Very high-quality coffee beans are grown throughout Colombia. Thus, Colombia filter coffee has become a worldwide known brand.

The variety of coffees and profiles available in Colombia is enormous. Depending on the region, the coffee is harvested almost for ten years. The main harvest is carried out from October to February being the intensive months are November and December.

Colombia filter coffee is also one of the most preferred coffees in our country. It is thought that Colombia filter coffee is preferred this much due to its variety. When compared with the Brazilian filter coffees, Colombia filter coffee comes to the forefront much more.

Antioquia region of Colombia could not get to the point it deserved due to various local reasons for many years although it has fertile soil and ideal coffee growing environment. Later, it has gained an increasing popularity today and gradually comes to the point it deserves with support of local government. Nowadays, Colombia Antioquia-Bolivar have found the opportunity to show its quality to the World thanks to thanks to the ever-increasing demand for coffee beans. Henceforth, it is gained recognition among very special coffee beans of the World.

Bean Origin: Colombia
Region: Antioquia-Bolivar
Bean Type: %100 Arabica
Type: Caturra
Method: Washed and Sun Dried 
Altitude: 1600-2000
Acidity Notes: Medium Acidity 
Roasting Notes: Medium Roasted
Trunk Notes: Medium-High Trunk 
Taste Notes: Circut, caramel, chocolate, brown sugar notes

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